What are the benefits of the pressotherapy


Pressotherapy is a cosmetic therapy low- invasive. Every day it has more adept due to improve the problems associated with the circulatory system. Its growing popularity is due, no doubt, to the fact that presents very good results. Over all in the treatment of conditions typically female as sagging, cellulite and fluid retention. The functioning of the pressotherapy is quite simple since to achieve a lymphatic drainage they use the air pressure. It is like if we were getting an intensive massage, furthermore a massage so intense that it is able to stimulate the circulation of the lower layers of our skin.

While most of us has begun to hear about this therapy since a short time ago. At least relatively, if we compare it with other more traditional treatments and known to the general public. Doctors developed and investigated the medical technology in which is based on since the 1960s and in this decade in which it was originated in the United States.

The treatment relies on a series of cases. The therapist places them on our body: legs, abdomen and arms. These cases consist of air chambers that are connected to the machine which consists of an air compressor. The therapist is responsible for managing each of the covers. Depending on your personal ailments, he is going to apply the air pressure. Each session lasts between twenty and forty-five minutes. You need to do several sessions over a few weeks to make fully effective the treatment. After that you can obseve all of its benefits .

As you have just read, therapist ofen use these treatments to combat some common issues. It can be used with cellulite, varicose veins, obesity, flaccidity and fluid retention, but it is worth noting that it has other implications as the relief from migraines, rheumatism-related problems. During pregnancy you can used it to take care of the skin and prevent the feeling of heaviness of legs, also for alterations related to menopause such as osteoporosis or muscle aches you can use this method. Next up, we will give you detail every one of the advantages of this medical innovative and aesthetic treatment.




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