How to know if a tattoo is infected


Tattoos are a way of decorating the body. It consists of modifying the skin pigmentation by injecting ink in it to create a composition with figures or letters.

It is an artistic expression that is common to almost all cultures. The oldest remains of this art date back to 2000 BC and are located in Peru, in the Chinchorro culture, where remains of a tattoo on the body of a mummy. In this same culture there is evidence with 60,000 years old indicating us that it is possible that this art is still more ancient

How to know if a tattoo is infected

Its use is different in each culture. For example In Egypt the tattoos were considered an artistic expression, but elsewhere, as in Rome or Greece, the tattoos are used to mark criminals. Perhaps this last use not us is so strange. Do you remember the movie Scarlet Letter? This film spoke about of a woman of the century XVI with a large A on his chest as punishment for adultery.

Is my tattoo infected?

Tattoos are nowadays used as artistic and decorative elements and they have lost the divine character that they came in the past. Many people use tattoos to prove that they belong to an urban tribe, although most people look them for aesthetics. This has made that there are many centres where do tattoos in all the cities of the world. One of the consequences of this boom art is the rise of infected tattoos. It is possible that many of you have done one tattoo recently and don’t know exactly if it is healing properly, or if it is in good condition. If you want to know if your tattoo is infected, don’t read the next post.



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