How to make soap with used oil


At we will show you how to make soap with used oil. Doing this you are going to save money, obviously. But before we comment to you a bit of history about the origins of the soap.

It seems that soap comes from thousands of years ago since it has been found evidence of its existence. In the area of Mesopotamia they got something similar to soap by boiling oils with resins, salt and potassium. To this they gave a medicinal use.

It also says that the Phoenician manufactured it with oil of olive and soda caustic. They obtained it from the combustion of certain plants that live in the saltworks.

There are also information of that in Syria the soap is still manufacturing with the same ancient recipe of the Phoenician peoples. With both, oil of olive and oil of laurel.

In Europe, both the Germans and the Celts used fat of goat and ash of birch to manufacture soap. Whereas the Gallic made it with ash of beech tree and fat of wild boar. In all those cases appears the grease, oils, ashes of tree, soda caustic and water, all common elements.

Currently there are many recipes for making soaps at house, both in tablets and liquids. Scented with delicate fragrances and also to wash the clothes or the dishes. Today we will see how to make soap with used oil. Not only it will allow you to make economy at your home but recycle the used oil. This will benefit to the nature. Furthermore as all it homemade, produces great satisfaction. This oil that you used in the kitchen several times, for example in the Fryer, and that you must now switch it will serve to make this soap.




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