How to make liquid soap


Everything evolves and changes. The world is offering new possibilities from the more complex stuff to the simplest one, like it can be a soap. While tradition still maintains the bars of SOAP for hand washing or bathing, liquid soap has gotten into everyday life with great force. It has revolutionized the market. We cannot deny that is much more hygienic if is it used in public places. It is like this since a long time ago. But now it has entered in houses with special perfumes, colorful colors and packaged in dispensing very practical and decorative.

In we will teach you how make liquid soap, so that you can do it homemade. You can have this product in your house and save money.

By all accounts, who invented the liquid soap was the American Robert Taylor, recently died. When he found the possibility of introducing this product in the market, he knew that it would have a great success. He saw too that soon the competition would be important. He called his soap pot “Soft Soap”.

We will teach you to make liquid soap from them bars of SOAP. You will get an economic and very easy of do product, although you must have patience. We will use special fragrances, the desired texture and you can even vary the amount of foam that you want it to do.

We will give you several options to make liquid soap too. You can try and choose which one fits better to you. You can make a great diversity of soaps very healthy for your skin since they are made with natural products. For example the coconut and olive oil  are moisturizing, ideal for the dry skin and prevents stains of the skin.

We will give you a very simple recipe that you could vary with some flavoring and a more complex one that you cannot let’s try.




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