How to make headbands


The headbands are bands that surround the head of the women with different types of ornaments. It is a custom that has gone changing and modernizing. But its use comes from very ancient times: the Greek or the Roman already used tapes crowning its head and holding his hair. The headband has its origin at the royalty, ornaments that wore the princesses. Originally them headbands were simple tapes or with some ornament attached. The ends of the tape are tied in the back part of the head. Currently to the queens and princesses of beauty, for example, are placed Diadems that have height. They are metal, golden or silver, with bright stones, they are not headbands but tiaras.

In we will teach you how to make headbands. We will show you different possibilities for different ages, both for babies and girls or women. The more interesting thing is that we can take advantage of them remains of fabrics, felt, tulle, as well as tapes, stones, sequins, gems, buttons and so many things that are going keeping as surplus of other crafts.

Another advantage is that today we have in the market the plastic headbands of different thicknesses. On them we can work without the need of make it as the original ones that were of tapes.

We will give you several options so that you know how to make headbands, but the most important thing is that you must deploy your imagination so you think your own designs.




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