How to make a wool hat


At we will show you how to make a wool hat. You could adapt it for a child or an adult, add accessories, change colors and the most important is that will suit both men and women. It is in you the choice of colors. We will use very easy points so you can really make it.

You need make a shows of the tweeds to calculate exactly the amount of points that you will need for your hat of wool.

Weaving is one of the activities that take away stress and entertains. It allows you to do it at meeting with friends, have fun, learn something new, teach others. If you are alone, while you look at television. Furthermore it can make feel good with the arrival of winter and making your own clothing as well. Learn to knit, if you don’t know, is very interesting. If you already know the essential of knitting, basics, like make the wool hat that I suggest, will be super easy. You have to only make a rectangle in a very simple point. The difference it will make the detail that want put on it: braids in the sides, as the model of the photo, flowers woven, embroidered, etc.

The proposal that we do to you, as always, is simple and allows you to feel satisfied when you see it finished. It will allow you to open your imagination to continue learning and creating new items. Get to work!




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