12 ways to makeup


Makeup is one of the priority activities that characterized us, the women, to feel us well. Knowing this we have prepared 12 ways of makeup so that you look for which are best suited to your needs.

A hair well care, an appropriate cloth and shoes together with the makeup of the face. All of this makes that we feel safe at the time of leaving to work. It works too for any formal activity that we could have. And the most important within the make-up of the face are the eyes and the lips. The look is one of the most powerful attractions. Beautiful eyes make that the road to the conquest is much simpler. Furthermore for the girls is possible make them pop even more with a good makeup. In the same way the lips and the smile are a primary factor in the conquest. However many women do not know where to start, which kind of tones choose or how to make that they look bigger. In Misterhows.com we will give you 12 ways to apply makeup. With them you can choose the most suitable to your personality and physical features. And if you want to learn more not let of visit our category of how to makeup




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